Reviews for the CPA Exam and Achieves Dreams

cpa exam review course discounts for studentsIn Lozells, we like to pride ourselves on diversity and believing that anyone can do whatever they want to. There are many different success stories in our community. Some people achieve their dreams of opening a restaurant and some end up changing the community with their musical skills. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man by the name of Ethan. He is one of our city’s biggest success stories.

It was Tuesday and I was at the corner store sitting down for a coffee when Ethan came casually walking in. He bought a coffee and saw me sitting by myself, so he asked if it was all right to sit with me. I agreed and started a conversation about the weather and I soon began to notice that there was something different about Ethan.

It wasn’t until 10 or 15 minutes in the conversation that Ethan mentioned that he had a rare birth defect that caused him to slur his speak and slowed his learning rate. This didn’t stop Ethan from doing what he dreamed about. See, his father is a certified public accountant and he always dreamed about following his is dad’s footsteps.

Even though he has a learning disability, he still managed to work hard and attended college at the age of 20. After several long years of tedious studying and working, Ethan finish his university training and decided that he was going to study for the CPA exam himself. This exam is extremely difficult and according to Ethan on about 40 percent of people passes it each testing window. Nonetheless, he had the courage to try. He said that he wanted to take the auditing section first, so he looked all around for the top cpa review courses for audit. Ethan found one and started studying.

The review course that he originally decided to buy was a course called Roger. This study guide is based out of California and Ethan thought it was exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass the first time he took the exam. Actually, he didn’t pass the first four times he sat for the exam. Honestly, if it was, I would have probably given up, but he didn’t. Ethan’s review course had expired, so he found a roger cpa coupon for review courses and started studying again.

He passed the next two sections and had half the exam to go. With a little wind in his sails he started studying for the next two sections and like his first four, he failed them. This is when he decided to try another study guide that could help him get through the rest of his exams. He picked up a yaeger cpa coupon and review courses and started using their flash cards and study bank. Yaeger CPA review was more catered to his learning style and Ethan managed to pass his last two sections before the exam time expired.

Now Ethan is the newest member of KPMH. His life long dream of following in his father’s footsteps is completed. I think this is a truly inspirational story. I’m very thankful that Ethan decided to sit next to me and share his life. We can all learn from him that nothing can replace a dream and enough hard work to make it become reality. It’s just another story from our lovely little town.

Writing Seminars at the Library

writing-seminars-for-grammarI’ve noticed something in the past few years or so, not very many people go to libraries anymore. I guess I am part of the small segment of the population who still goes in every now and then. I like to peruse through the new arrivals section. I also try to force myself to read a least one book every two months. I know, I know, this isn’t exactly a tall order, but it does get me reading more than I otherwise would be, so you can’t blame me for trying.

But like I said, when I go into the library I usually see the same few people each time but that is about it. No one new. And what makes this even more tragic is that we have a pretty respectable library system in our area that is going to waste without people using it.

Well, my last stop in the library I saw a flyer for a writing seminar that a local freelance writer is hosting. It will be a month-long course that meets twice a week for two hours each night. The topics that are going to be discussed are numerous and many so I won’t go into too much detail here but some of them are usage rules for problem words, such as the difference between evoke and invoke and similar words. Other topics will focus on discovering your voice as a writer and how you can focus your narrative.

I’m glad I stopped in when I did because otherwise I wouldn’t have had any idea about this writing course. So like I said above, it’s a shame that more people don’t go to our local libraries because they are missing out on some great instruction.

I don’t know about you all, but I plan on attending the seminar because my writing could definitely use some help. I can never keep track of the words that I use and whether I should be using attain from obtain. Plus, I enjoy supporting locals who are trying to do things in our community—and not only do thing but teach things. We are a society that is starving for knowledge and anything that I can do to help facilitate this is a good thing. I try to support locals whenever I get the chance, local artists, local playhouses, local grocery stores.

The class said that it would also only meet if it got ten or more participants, so I hope we can break that threshold. I really don’t know what to expect because this will be my first time at a library-hosted event. I’ve been checking out books there for years but I have never went to a seminar or class there. I’m not sure if ten is a large or small class for an event like this. I just happen to see a flyer on their bulletin board so I thought I would check it out.

Here’s to hoping the seminar turns out well and the attendance is spectacular! I’ll fill you all in with the details after the first couple of classes.

New Dentist Coming to Town

new dentist in town for oral implantsWhether we like it or not, eventually all of us need to go to the dentist at some point in our lives. And there are generally two types of people when it comes to going to the dentist. There are those of us who go to the dentist regularly for checkups and preventative care and there are those of us who go to the dentist when there is something wrong.

The latter option is often much more expensive because by the time things have gotten so bad that you can notice them, they often require surgery which is both expensive and time consuming. I learned that the hard way when I was younger, but now I am very much a disciple of taking regular trips to the dentist. I go to the dentist every year for a teeth cleanings and I take all of my kids to do just the same.

But no matter what camp of the dental community you fit into, our town is getting a new dental practice that will service both routine checkups and cleanings and dental surgeries like implants and root canals.

The new dental office will be part of an expansion project that two dentist are embarking on together. Together they both run a dental implant business in Pontiac Michigan but want to try and expand their practice and see if there is a market for a new dental office in town.

Both of the doctors seems very interested in becoming active members of the community and have become members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. They call themselves conscientious businessmen who see that they have a very important role in supporting the community.

They plan on going around to local school districts to teach students and parents the importance of good oral hygiene. If parents and children properly care for their teeth they will be able to safety hundreds of dollars each year in unnecessary dental visits. So in some sense these dentists are acting against their own business interests to help out the general health of the community.

When asked what they plan on doing next, the two dentists said they aren’t quite sure. They certainly will have their work cut out for them starting an entire new business practice here in our town, so they’re not planning on expanding anywhere else in the near future. They did say however that they have always wanted a dental implant practice in Rochester Hills Michigan, so maybe that will be their next stop.

Either way, as a lifelong Lozells resident, I am incredibly happy to see someone looking to put their business here. It benefits of community by providing high skilled, high paying jobs and it also benefits us by giving us greater choice in our health care. While the idea of having the small-town family owned local dentist who everyone in town goes to, it doesn’t help you out much if that dentist isn’t any good. I think that more choice in the marketplace is always a good thing and we should welcome people who are looking to put their businesses here. I’ll probably stop in and check them out once they open up their doors.

Clean Up the Park Projects

cleaning-parksSpring and summer are finally upon us and with that, we can all expect to spend much more time outdoors enjoying the sun and our parks. But as we all go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery that our neighborhood offers us, we need to make sure that we take care of the parks and woods.

I can remember going to our local parks countless times with both my parents and my aunts and uncles. We would always have a family picnic each year down by the water of one of our favorite parks. There is a nice pavilion where we would all have pizza and drinks. I used to play on the playground equipment and now as I have gotten older and have had kids of my own I can see my kids playing in the same parks that I did when I was a kid.

I get so upset when I see loose trash floating around our parks and no one taking care of it. What gets me even more upset is when I see people actively litter and just throw their garbage on the ground, not even paying attention to the many trash cans and recycle bins that are in our parks. This kind of disregard for public space is self-detrimental and also hurts the community as a whole by giving it a reputation as a dirty place that is littered with garbage.

Thankfully, a local Lozells school district has taken it upon themselves to help clean up our area parks by creating a “Clean up the Parks Initiative.” You’re probably familiar with the “Adopt a Highway” programs that are quite popular where you volunteer to take a stretch of highway road and clean up any trash that may be there. People usually do this a few times a year to keep the area clean. Well, these school children envision a similar concept for our many parks.

But parks are frequented by many more people than the sides of highways and they generally have a lot less trash to worry about, so the clean up the parks projects will do more than just pick up loose trash. The students will also be planting flowers, painting playground equipment, and raking leaves. It really is a holistic vision of making our parks a better place for everyone—and the high schoolers at our local school district thought it all up.

The students plan to do two parks just themselves and are looking for volunteers to address the issues that are facing the other parks in our area.

If you do chose to volunteer and take up a park, you will have your or your organization’s name listed on the main park sign as the caretakers of the premises. This is a real honor and people recognize this valuable contribution to the area. There are few things that people enjoy more than our public parks system. It’s the one area of government that people are almost universally in favor of, so if there is any way that we can make them better we should.

If you like this idea, you should check out the sustainability efforts we are now doing at Lozells.

Community Wide Yard Sale

community-wide-saleI don’t know about you but nothing is worse than putting all the time and effort into planning a yard sale to have no one show up and just to have a few things be sold.

The idea behind a yard sale is to get rid of some of the excess stuff in your house while still making a few dollars from it. You also feel good about not just throwing it away because you know someone else is going to use it and take value in what the bought from you. After all, they’re paying for it right? But it’s mighty hard to get rid of your stuff if no one shows up to your yard sale.

Some community members of the Lozells area have what I consider to be a great idea that is going to be happening next month. The entire Lozells community will have an area wide yard sale. This is such a wonderful idea and will alleviate everyone’s concern about not having a successful yard sale.

Think about it, if everyone in the community is having a yard sale on the same weekend, that means there will be many more people out looking for bargains on yard sale items. It gets people in the door so to speak and puts them in the mood to yard sale.

Sign up is easy. All you need to do is register your house as one of the many locations that will be participating in the area wide sale and you will be listed on a map that people can get to look around the city for different sales. It even offers you a short description of some of your items. So if you happen to have a lot of tools or electronics that you are looking to get rid of, anything that you think would attract people to come to your sale, that would be a good place to include it. You can get the forms and all the other necessary information to participate at the local city hall. From what I have heard, they are planning on over 50 yard sales in just one weekend! That is crazy! I am definitely going to have my hands full that weekend trying to make it around to all of the different sales.

This is one of the many reasons why I love the Lozells area so much, for reasons like this. A few community members got together and thought up an idea that will benefit everyone. It will help everyone who wanted to have a yard sale this year but weren’t sure if it would be worth the hassle. It helps everyone who wants to go yard sale shopping because it condenses it all down to just one weekend. And this isn’t the only way that local community members are thinking of ways to improve our area.

Of course you can always have yard sales before of after this weekend, no rules against that. It’s just that you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you get your ducks in a row and have it the same day as that block sale.

Maybe I’ll see you out shopping at the sales next month. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to find!


Community Sustainability Efforts

goinggreenLozells is going green!

You heard it right. The city of Lozells is kicking off a new green initiative that is aimed at making the community more sustainable for the long term. The goal is to raise awareness of just how easy it can be to go green and make a difference in your own community. The town hopes this will also serve as a catalyst to some of the other surrounding areas and encourage them to take on their own green initiatives. Today I want to go over a bit of detail of the new green venture that we’re undertaking and how great it’ll be for our community.

One of the first major steps that the new green initiative was to install garbage cans and recycling bins throughout the downtown. We have had, in the past, problems with people littering and some areas were quickly becoming cluttered with old papers, coca-cola cans, etc., but it was really no wonder why because the city took a look around and there were very few, if any, garbage cans in some areas of the downtown. If you don’t give people a place to throw away their trash, how can you expect them to dispose of it properly?

The second program that the community is kicking off is a city wide recycling initiative. Not all people recycle and since not everyone does there are tons and tons are plastics and other recyclable materials that are ending up in our landfills wasting space. If we can just get another 10 percent of Lozells residents to start a weekly recycling program, we will be able to save hundreds of pounds of plastics from entering the landfills and have them recycled so they can be used again. You can also recycle by not throwing old items away and having them in the community yard sale!

The third program is probably my favorite because it is the coolest one. The city hall will be installing solar panels on the roof of the main buildings to help alleviate electricity costs. The city claims that they will be able to save an estimated 10 percent per year on electricity if they install these solar panels. And not only will they be saving taxpayers all of this money, but they also will be using a clean energy source that does not pollute or harm the planet at all.

The fourth program isn’t as much of a green program as much as it is a healthy living program. The city figured that the green and sustainability campaign would be a good opportunity to encourage citizens to stay healthy and exercise. So the city plans to build a few monkey-bar workout stations along the bike paths that go through town along with different workout routines and exercises that can be done. This gives people who can’t afford a gym access to a place where they can exercise and feel good about themselves. Staying healthy and physically fit should always be our first goal as a community and I am glad that the city decided to include it.

One final program is t

What do you think about the new green initiatives? Will they be successful? Comment below.